Unit Plans

More Coming Soon!

This page will hold a compendium of unit plans I’ve created for Math I, II, III and Precalculus as I edit them this summer. Some are better than others but they’re all tried and tested during the 2013-14 school year.

Note: My school has 90-minute block scheduling and all classes are semester length. Take this into consideration.





  • Thanks to Partially Derivative for her transformations matching activity (version 2 linked in Unit 1).
  • I know I borrowed the Unit 2 day1 and day 2 homework assignments from someone but I don’t remember where. James Vanosdall has it on his (very thorough & organized) website so thanks James and whoever else. The U2 Functions Scrapbook project is from the Secondary Math CMS Wiki and the cover sheet is scanned from Precalculus Demystified. The U2 Compositions ws is from Tiffany Dawdy on BetterLesson. Thanks Tiffany!

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