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Sequences, Series & Limits Unit Up (sortof!)

This is a Numberphile video about sequences that I had used in Math III and Precalc in Spring 2014. More importantly, look in my Unit Plans page for a Dropbox link to Unit 6! It’s under construction (lacking some LPs using the number e, if you have any!) but I’ll update it later this summer.


Precalc Unit 1 Online Now!

Hey folks,

Czech out my Unit Plans page for Unit 1 of Precalculus: Functions & Parent Functions. It’s an 11 day unit covering N-Q.1-3 and F.IF.1,2,4,5,6,7 with a quiz and a test so you can mix and match the questions.  Feel free to use steal it wholesale or alter it but give me some publicity if you do!

Also thanks to Partially Derivative for the function transformations matching activity (version 2 on my dropbox so you can differentiate your learners!).