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Letters from a Calculus Class

Math teacher got jokes, though!

Math with Bad Drawings

Dear Newton,

C’mon, dude. You already get credit for the laws of motion, that cool apple story, and the tasty fig cookies. Let me have this.


Dear Student,

I know it stings to fail a test that badly. But hey, silver lining: you’re so far into the area below the curve that you’re practically an integral.


Dear Student,

I’ll put it this way: You don’t seem to understand me yet, but you keep getting closer.


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Pentecostal Teaching – Can I get an Amen?!

I’ve tried using #hiphoped but it’s definitely something I can do more this year!

The Geek Teacher

TED TalksI’ve only recently discovered Chris Emdin (, twitter: @chrisemdin), known for #hiphoped, or Hip Hop Education, but what he has to say in the following TED Talk resonates resoundingly with me as an Educator. I really can’t help but wonder how this didn’t end up in last week’s post – 50 Ted Talks Every Educator Should Check Out (2014 Edition).

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Welcome to Matholina!

I’m (Miss) Rachelle Haynik, a secondary mathematics teacher starting my 2nd year in Weldon, North Carolina. My students at Roanoke Valley Early College deserve the best education possible. During my first year, I did my best, so here I’ll chronicle some of my successes – unit plans, lessons, and community building activities. I’ll also add to this during my 2nd year as I work to become better for them. I hope that this site will become a warehouse for suggestions for new and veteran teachers, as well as a community of support within the teaching profession.

Please like, post, comment, and share at will. We can improve together!