Physics/Precalc Resources?

In Spring 2014, I taught a combined class of Math III and Precalculus students. Many of the objectives aligned fine, but now in the Fall I’ll have the same Math III students in Precalculus (again, sortof). I want to spice up the class by teaching them physics! If anyone has resources they can link me to, or even a dropbox, I’ll be infinitely grateful!


2 thoughts on “Physics/Precalc Resources?”

  1. Hi !
    An old but well known book is Mechanics via the Calculus by Norris and believe it or not Seymour Legge. I found one on amazon for you:

    There is a lot of physics/engineering stuff as well as mechanics which would be interesting and mathematical:
    electricity: alternating current, 3-phase, capacitors, electric motors
    Boyles Law
    heating and cooling
    forces and statics
    Do try and get some practical work in, eg falling bodies, projectiles
    Best wishes with this.

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