Trigonometry Unit posted!

Trigonometry Unit posted!

See “Unit Plans” page for my CC Aligned Trig Unit!


2 thoughts on “Trigonometry Unit posted!”

  1. I like this. Perhaps you should put in 2pi as well as the zero.
    They should all take this into the tests!!!!!!!!
    A labeled number line, say from -2 to +2, drawn vertically, showing
    useful fractions and their decimals could be useful too.

  2. Thanks Howard! I got this Unit Circle pic off the internet but my students filled in their own blank one during the unit (Day 3) and were allowed to bring theirs to use during the unit test. Unfortunately not on the state tests though!
    Your similar concept for visualizing fractions and decimals is nice! I may pull that in but definitely will suggest it to whoever is teaching the freshmen this year!

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